Tree Care and Fertilization

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October 28, 2019
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Tree Care & Fertilizing


Have you ever wondered if you should fertilize your trees? Or how do I care for my trees?

Some homeowners and business owners think they don’t need to take care of their trees. After all, don’t trees grow by themselves in the forest? They seem sturdy and low maintenance, especially when compared to the green grass you’re likely to find on most lawns.

The truth can be quite different. In fact, a typical lawn doesn’t provide trees with the nutrients they need. If a tree is already well-grown, then this usually doesn’t matter. For trees that are younger, a lack of nutrients can seriously impact their growth and health. Below, you’ll learn how to properly fertilize your tree.

When Should You Fertilize a Newly Planted Tree?

There are two schools of thought regarding when you should fertilize your tree. The first school says that it’s best to fertilize during the fall. This essentially allows the tree to recover from the summer and keep growing during the winter. The other school of thought believes spring fertilization is better because it promotes tree growth during the best time of year for tree growth.

In most situations, you won’t need to fertilize a tree more than once a year, so you’ll want to fertilize your tree during either fall or spring, as opposed to fall and spring.

The time of year that’s best for your tree will vary based on the nutrients that are already present in the soil during each season. At Fitzgerald’s, our experts are able to test your soil and determine the best time of year for fertilization.


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Should You Feed a Mature Tree?

Younger trees need to be fertilized more often than mature trees do. Generally speaking, you’ll only need to fertilize older trees if they’re diseased. This is why it’s a good idea to call a certified arborist or pay careful attention to your tree’s leaves: trees that are yellowing outside of fall – or trees that are growing smaller leaves – need to be fertilized.


Tree Fertilizing an Old Tree


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