Grounds Maintenance


We provide incredible commercial and residential lawn maintenance services for our clients throughout Waco, Texas and surrounding cities. We take different approaches for lawn maintenance for commercial and residential applications, but one thing rings true, support is the key to keeping your lawn looking it’s best and staying healthy. We have a keen eye for recognizing issues in your landscape and remedying it as soon as possible.

Upkeep Goes a Long Way

Trimming and pruning help maintain and improve the overall health of your lawn. When we first survey the property, we’ll outline a program encompassing complete services including weekly weeding, trimming, and pruning of your shrubs and various plants. We customize our services to your needs because we know that not everyone needs the same attention.

From a small residential yard to acres of commercial property, we have the equipment to get your lawn in tip-top shape. Regardless of the season, we will take every measure to ensure that your garden is in pristine condition all year-round. Trimming and pruning are imperative factors to keeping the health of your trees in the best shape all the time! Regardless of the time of year, the proper lawn maintenance team will keep everything green for years to come!

Pruning adds so many benefits to your property. We use a different variety of pruning methods, including selective pruning, corrective pruning, trimming, and shaping to maintain or improve the health, appearance, and beauty of trees. Pruning is an excellent way to preserve your trees for an extended period.

Services We Provide

  • Trimming & Pruning
  • Cleaning Out Gutters & Waterscapes
  • Power-Washing
  • Mowing
  • Shredding
  • Edging

Aside from lawn maintenance, we also offer landscape design, irrigation, and tree services. For anything your yard needs and you want, we’re the team to call. Our company has sprouted from being a single-person venture into a well-rounded, experienced team that prides itself on providing full-services for clients! For more information on our services, please give us a call at (254) 744-6489.