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Your backyard is much more than just an outdoor space. It’s a place for creating memories with the people you care most about in this world. The backyard is where you’ll host birthday parties and weekend barbecues. The backyard will be the place your family relaxes on warm summer evenings and catch fireflies with the kids.

All the wonderful things you and your family will do in your backyard make creating a relaxing, beautiful space vital. The following twenty backyard landscaping tips can help you create the perfect space to make memories that last a lifetime.

1. Have a plan.

Designing your landscape ahead of time ensures your backyard won’t look haphazardly thrown together. A landscape plan also saves money and time.

2. Invest in a tarp.

If you’re going to move large amounts of mulch or stone around your yard, a tarp will make it easier for you. Just load the materials onto the tarp and carefully drag it in one shot instead of making numerous trips.


3. Create a magical feeling by incorporating fairy lights.

These strands of lights are strung in trees or bushes and can create a fairy tale atmosphere while providing light so you can enjoy your backyard at night.


4. Decorative brick walkways are perfect for older homes.

A walkway makes it safer to pass from the yard to the house or exterior buildings like sheds. Brick walkways offer an old school charm perfect for older homes. Bricks can be laid in different patterns to create different looks.


5. Stone slab pathways are perfect for modern homes.

You can use large slabs of square or circular stone to create pathways that accent modern homes perfectly. These stone slabs can be placed directly beside each other or with a small space between them to create different looks.


Stone Slab Pathway


6. Add color with bright flowers.

Bright flowers can add a splash of color and create a happy atmosphere for relaxation. A few flower varieties known for being exceptionally bright and colorful include Caladiums, Pentas, Pansies, and Zinnias.

Residential Landscaping Flower and Shrubs Plantings



7. Consider colored mulch.

Mulch comes in a variety of colors, with the most common being brown, red, black, and white. Pick the color that looks best with your flower beds and overall backyard landscape theme.


8. Mulch around trees.

Mulch helps trap moisture around the roots of your trees so they can thrive. Mulching around trees will also help pull them into your overall design.


Residential landscaping and tree care with tree mulch and garden mulch


9. Avoid clutter.

Clutter detracts from your yard’s visual appeal, creates a hazardous environment, and can increase stress instead of decreasing it. Avoiding clutter means keeping plenty of open space between designated plant areas. Keep yard decorations to no more than one to five (depending upon your taste and the size of your yard).


10. Get crafty with pallet seating.

Wooden seating can easily be made from old pallets. Not only will pallet seating create a comfortable place to enjoy your backyard, but it also helps the environment by reusing old materials. You can choose to leave the seats plain or create outdoor-friendly cushions for extra comfort.


11. Attract wildlife.

Wildlife, like birds, can make your backyard more natural and less forced. The beautiful song of birds and chattering of squirrels is also peaceful. Incorporate birdhouses, birdbaths, and feeders to attract wildlife.


12. Be willing to change the plan.

Sometimes you’ll be halfway through your landscaping design when you realize you’d like to add something. Or, maybe you find a sale on something you didn’t realize you just had to have. Be willing to change your plan when these situations come up.


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13. Edge flower beds for a cleaner look.

You can choose to edge the flower beds with stones, short white fencing, or bricks. Wooden logs and black metal fencing are also great options for edging flower beds.


Garden and residential lawn and flower maintenance


14. Hide your air conditioner.

While central AC units are a must-have in Texas, they can detract from the visual appeal of your backyard landscape. Design a cover out of wooden boards to keep it out of sight and out of mind. If your feeling artsy, you can even paint the AC cover to match your flower beds.


15. Don’t cut the grass too short.

Cutting grass too short is one of the biggest landscaping mistakes made by homeowners. By cutting it too short, the grass will become damaged and may eventually die.


16. Choose native plants.

Plants that are native to your region will grow better and easier to maintain. Choosing native plants over exotic plants equals more beauty for less stress.


Landscaping Flowers near Midway High School


17. Create a home for your garden hose that doubles as extra seating.

You can create a DIY bench with a hinged seat to store your garden hose in so it’s out of sight. If you’re not the do-it-yourself kind of person, there are similar options available for purchase.


18. Consider bordering your fence line.

One perfect place to add natural beauty without making things cluttered is by bordering your backyard’s fence line. Small trees, shrubs, or vines are ideal options.


19. Make sure you have the right tools.

Having the right tools will make maintaining your backyard’s landscape significantly easier. A few tools you should have are a trowel, garden hose, rake, shears, shovel, lawnmower, and watering can.


20. Know your limits.

When designing your backyard’s landscape, consider how much time you have to dedicate to maintenance. Don’t overdo your backyard’s landscape design, because you might eventually run out of available time, and everything will become overgrown.


Now that your creative juices are flowing, it’s time to start planning what you want in your backyard.


If you’d like help designing and building your dream backyard landscape, we have a team of experienced professionals at Fitzgerald’s that will be with you every step of the way.


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